Please see below for the starting times of events this weekend for the Mackay Open.

If you have not yet registered for the Mackay Open Tournament you can do so via many options. The EASIEST and preferred method is via the web-based form.

Our registration volunteer will attempt to contact you to advise your entry has been complete once they have processed it. (SMS if mobile phone provided, otherwise email).

Mackay Closed Graded event results: Some really good matches were contested last night in the Mackay Closed Graded events. Results book is available from this link.

The draw for the Mackay Closed Graded events is available.

Please check you are in the events you have registered for and if there is any issue please get in touch via Facebook or the Contact page on this website.

The Junior and Veteran Closed draws will be available soon.

Electronic entry form for the Mackay Open Tournament (Sept 30 – Oct 2) is now available.

The results for the Graded Competition have been updated finally! Sorry for the extended period of time without any updates but things have been busy this last month.

Entry form for the Mackay Closed event is now available.

Please note; the Mackay Closed event can be entered by club members only who qualify according to the decision of the MTTA Committee. The decision was made at the February committee meeting this year that a player must participate in at least one season of Graded, Social or Junior competition in the previous 12 months to qualify entry.

The Mackay Open entry form is also now available.

Finals for Season 2 will be this week, Tuesday 20th June. The finals will be between the following teams:

DIV 1: Alpha (R.Stanley, J.McKay, N.Brown) vs Delta (B.Patterson, S.Morgan, R.Richards)

DIV 2: Delta (R.Kinnersly, C.Payne, R.Ortega) vs Foxtrot (G.Denman, P.Goodson, K.Abbott)

DIV 3: Beta (A.Dorgeloh, A.Rana, E.Luo) vs Charlie (R.Murray, C.Morgan, F.Juricev-Martincev)

DIV 4: Alpha (M.Worth, D.Duns, G.Liehm) vs Delta (D.Bailey, I.Rana, C.Pearson)

Anyone wishing to come along are welcome, there will be some round robins for those not in a final.

Apologies for the delay in getting the results added to the website this season, but things have been very busy. The results for the first 5 weeks of the season have been added to the results section.

Match schedule for Division 3 is currently on the noticeboard at the club (for those wondering when they have a bye week).

Results from week four have been updated.

Please check the results over and advise if any errors are present.

Some great matches were played last night across all the divisions and it is great to see four weeks into the competition there is still 10 courts in use.

A small reminder, if you know you will be absent from play in advance, please advise Donna as soon as possible. This will give her plenty of time to organize a substitute player.

The fixture committee is looking to change the way substitute players are organized in the coming weeks. Watch out for that when it happens.

Results for the Graded competition have been updated. Please check the results and advise of any errors.

A quick reminder regarding substitute players in the graded competition:
A substitute player  of similar skill level is always used whenever available. If a player of similar skill is not available, the fixture committee may place a player who is stronger, however the games played by this player will not count towards the teams score. The player is used to give the opposing team the maximum number of games possible each week. A team cannot be placed at a disadvantage because of a substitute player on the opposing team.

The fixture committee will make a better effort of advising if a player’s matches will count or not, however as these decisions are often made with little time this is sometimes forgotten.

If you want a better explanation in determining whether a substitute matches will count or not please ask Jared.


The Bundaberg Open entry form is available. Please click to go to the form.

For Junior squad going to this event by bus, please decide which events you wish to compete in and send your entry in before closing date. Feel free to discuss with your coaches at squad training this Sunday.

Please limit Sunday events to either the Under 1500 rating or Under 1100 rating events. Please do not enter the events commencing at 11:30am or later as the bus will be leaving prior to these events finishing.

Season 1 of our Graded competition kicked off last Tuesday night with the largest numbers the club has seen participating for sometime. This season sees 4 divisions in play with 4 teams in Divisions 1 and 2 and 6 teams in Divisions 3 and 4! This means all 10 courts are in use on Tuesday nights and unfortunately if anyone turns up “for a hit”, they will be unable to do so once play commences at 7pm. Results of the Graded competition can be found in the results section.

This year is looking to be a very busy one. We have the following happening over the next few months:

  • Feb 4: Chinese New Year in the Mackay City Centre; 5pm – 9pm
  • Feb 12: Sports Expo and Sign-on day at the MECC; 9am – 1pm
  • Feb 19: Come and Try day (with free Sausage Sizzle) at Mackay Table Tennis Centre; 10am – 2pm
  • Feb 28: Basic skills familiarisation for Mackay teachers at Mackay Table Tennis Association; 4pm – 6pm
  • April 2-6: Queensland Junior Championships at Mackay Table Tennis Centre

Hope to see some new people and the regular friendly faces at these upcoming events!